CorpLofts Property Management Services offers a variety of a la carte services for properties in need of comprehensive, dependable, and around-the-clock service. We provide a large suite of services for you to pick and choose from – in addition to our comprehensive full-service packages and “as needed” offerings for your most personal and unique needs. Offering 24-hour repair and maintenance services to your tenants is a great way to ensure positive reviews, happy tenant interactions, and a safe property that is in good repair. How else can hiring a property management company to oversee repairs and maintenance help you?

Preserve and Increase Property Values

The ultimate goal of almost any property owner is to maintain the value of the property and gradually increase it over time. CorpLofts wants to work with you to reach your property value goals, and prompt and expert repairs and maintenance is a crucial part of the task. By quickly deploying professionals to complete repairs and conduct routine maintenance, you can avoid big repairs down the line and maintain a high property value.

Track Requests and Create Work Orders

When requests roll in, whether they are urgent requests made at 2:00 AM or routine maintenance requests submitted during business hours, CorpLofts uses software to effectively and easily log requests, categorize them, and notify the appropriate maintenance staff. By using appropriate technology, we prevent any requests from falling through the cracks and leading to a bigger problem with the repair and the tenant.

CorpLofts offers a huge variety of services that go beyond traditional property management, including house sitting, emergency house repair services, and seasonal house preparation. We are committed to making sure our clients get the best services possible in the shortest amount of time possible and at a cost-efficient rate that matches your budget. Our emergency home repair services are available to people renting, owning, or trying to sell their properties. How can emergency home repair services benefit you?

Valuable Professional Relationships

First things first, CorpLofts has long lasting professional relationships with all of the contractors that we use. We have already done the hard work of vetting every contractor and ensuring that they do a great job, are experts in their field, and that all of their licensing and insurance is up to date. Instead of combing through pages of reviews online, we have already done the work for you.

Emergency Home Repair

Not to be too obvious, but emergency home repair services benefit you by completing your urgent home repairs as quickly as possible. We know how stressful it is to get a leak or clogged shower drain fixed as quickly as possible, so we don’t delay when answering calls and dispatching the proper contractors to your home.

Preserve and Increase Your Property Value

Whether you are a property owner that rents to tenants or a homeowner, preserving and increasing your property value is undoubtedly one of your primary goals. By getting quick emergency maintenance, you can ensure that problems don’t get out of hand and compromise other tenants or the health of the tenants living in the immediate area. Whether it’s a severe water leak or an issue with gas, we can get tenants the help they need quickly and efficiently.

At CorpLofts, we pride ourselves on caring for the things most precious to you as if it were our own. With our extensive network of affiliated contractors and vendors, we work as a team to provide innovative solutions that help our clients simplify their day to day lives. We believe that creating long-lasting, trust-based relationships with our clients, our business affiliates and each other will lead to superior outcomes and mutual success.

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